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Cyber Security is a top priority, yet there is a critical shortage of available talent. There are no simple solutions to this problem, but there are ways companies can gain a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting. 

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Since 1999, Jeff Combs has built a reputation as a leading expert on Information Security recruitment and career development. His experience spans every industry vertical and he has recruited at all levels of the profession.

During the last two decades, Jeff has been instrumental in developing and leading both domestic and international Security recruiting practices. He has recruited for senior executive leadership roles, emerging specialties and early-career security professionals.

Jeff has earned the reputation as a trusted advisor with clients and candidates regarding career development, recruitment process and industry trends. In addition to recruiting, recruitment process improvement and career coaching, Jeff is a sought after speaker for conferences and contributor to industry publications.

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 JCSA helps companies solve this problem through experience, industry knowledge and connections. JCSA offers three options – Retained, Engaged and Contingency. For a dedicated commitment with a guarantee of success, a Retained search is the number one choice. For critical searches requiring a high level of mutual commitment from the client and JCSA, Engaged search is an excellent option. And last but not least, there is the traditional Contingency search option where JCSA is rewarded upon successful completion of the search.


 With deep experience building and transforming security programs, JCSA can improve the hiring process and increase the success of Security leadership and Talent Acquisition teams struggling to find security talent. With JCSA’s guidance, organizations can significantly improve their ability to recruit security professionals by understanding the market, how to differentiate their opportunities and building more effective hiring processes. JCSAs Cyber Security Recruitment Transformation methodology is a time-tested and proven approach for building mission-critical teams and organizations.


While most Information Security professionals are great at their jobs, very few understand their true value, their professional options or how to market themselves effectively. JCSA provides individual coaching and guidance to Information Security professionals who need help moving forward in their careers. Through multi-step process including individual assessment, career path planning, brand building and career search strategies, JCSA can help Information Security professionals grow professionally and take on new challenges with confidence.


J. Combs Search Advisors has built a sterling reputation for helping Information Security organizations, leaders and practitioners meet their goals since 2009.  

“I’ve worked with Jeff for years, both personally as a security professional looking for new opportunities and professionally as a CISO trying to recruit top talent and relying heaving on Jeff as the in-house recruiter to staff a multitude of positions, skill sets and experience levels. Through all our interactions, Jeff has proven himself to fully understand the world of cyber security, how to map experience to needs and most importantly, how to determine genuine talent from those skills in repeating buzz-words in an interview. As part of my management team, Jeff also influenced staffing strategies, location strategies, workforce structures and communication plans. I highly recommend Jeff to both clients looking for highly capable security recruiting capabilities and to job seekers looking for their next opportunity.”

Brett Wahlin - Chief Security Officer, Green Dot Corporation

“There are people who just collect a paycheck recruiting and there are people who serve while recruiting. Jeff is the latter. Thankfully I was blessed to work with him recently. In our first “get to know you type of meeting,” he gave me strategic personal and career advice from an insightful angle I never considered. He has warmth, charisma and relationship skills the rival the best. He’s was a great communicator, advising me and holding my hand along the way. I would highly trust Jeff with any recruiting needs in the future.”

Suzan Nascimento - SVP Application Security, MUFG

“.As an HR Business Partner, I had the opportunity to partner with Jeff for 18 months in building a Cyber Security function almost from the ground up. To hire so many people with a highly sought after skillset, all within the restraints of a large organization was an amazing accomplishment, and I think Jeff is one of the few people who could pull it off. Jeff really knows his stuff. He has a detailed understanding of the skills and experience needed for the whole spectrum of cyber roles, and has the interpersonal skills to manage demanding stakeholders within the business, finance, HR, and most importantly, the talent we were able to attract. Without any reservations, I give Jeff my highest recommendation.”

Clark Jessop - Senior Director Human Resources, Cognizant

About Jeff Combs

Born and raised in New Jersey, Jeff has tried to escape several times.  In past lives he’s studied Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art,  developed a  love for Stihl chainsaws as an Alaska State Parks trail crew member, and saw all manner of human carnage while working as an EMT for Trenton Emergency Medical Services.  A life long learner, Jeff is a devoted  student of human nature, an avid reader (Marcus Aurelius to Bernard Cornwell) and currently obsessed with training  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

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